September News: In the Classroom


September was a very busy month for the Mira Vista gardens. Teachers visited both gardens and discussed ways to incorporate garden learning into the curriculum. Ms. Rossi presented them with some lessons on tomatoes (and some tomatoes). Nearly every class spent some time in the garden, and students harvested more than just fruits and vegetables.


Mrs. Wong’s kindergarten class did a science unit on the Life Cycle of an Apple. They visited the gardens, sketched the apples in the trees, and picked some to make applesauce in the classroom. They thought the applesauce was yummy!

Both first-grade classes participated in a week-long Apple Unit as a combined class. The students were engaged in a variety of apple activities: labeling the anatomy of an apple, tasting different kinds and graphing their favorites, writing about their favorite apples, describing the senses used to experience them, and much more. They ended the week with an Apple Party to celebrate Johnny Appleseed’s birthday, created some apple art projects, and ate lots of apple goodies!

Ms. Bauer’s second-grade class picked and tasted tomatoes and read some tomato-based literature.

Ms. Cruger-Hansen’s fourth-graders enjoyed a drawing lesson in the garden.

wormclass4The fifth-graders in Ms. Ross’s class had a lesson in vermiculture from Josh Arnold and Eleanor Lum of Healing from the Ground Up, an organization that empowers Richmond communities with the necessary tools to reclaim urban soils for agriculture and health. Students learned about worm composting, and Josh and Ellie have given us worm bins for four of our classrooms.

In Mr. Lackey’s seventh-grade Urban Agriculture class, students are learning about vermiculture, nutrition, integrated pest management, and gardening methods. They picked baskets of apples, beans, cucumbers, eggplant, zucchini, pumpkins, and tomatoes while removing old plants and getting the soil ready for winter crops. They planted several winter vegetable starts donated by Occidental Arts and Ecology Center, including kale, onions, leeks, broccoli, and lettuce.




Check back soon for more garden news!


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