October Garden News: Third Harvest

As we move deeper into autumn and toward winter, the Mira Vista gardens are still very busy and full of life. Winter crops have been planted, classes are learning about agricultural cycles, and students and their families continue to enjoy an abundant harvest.

New Plant Starts for the Winter Gardens

At the West County DIGS (Developing Instructional Gardens in Schools) greenhouse, located in Point Richmond and working in conjunction with Assemble Restaurant and UC Berkeley, Ms. Rossi started seeds that have grown into beautiful vegetable starts: bok choy, broccoli, cabbage, kale, kohlrabi, onions, and purple cauliflower.


Ms. Spafford and Ms. Janora (first grade), Ms. King and Ms. Bauer (second grade), and Mrs. McLachlan (third grade) have all brought their classes out to help plant our winter crops. There are many starts left over; if any parents or teachers would like to take them, please contact Ms. Rossi at GRossi@wccusd.net. A small donation is suggested to help support our gardens.

The Harvest

All the apples in the lower garden were harvested, and Mr. Lackey, Ms. Rossi, and parent volunteers made delicious apple cider from our apple press at the Fall Festival.


We have continued to harvest greens, pumpkins, tomatoes, and eggplants. Ms. Rossi and Mr. Ruiz worked with fifth-grade students to harvest lettuce and cucumbers and enjoyed a big salad. Now is the time of year for pumpkin bread (you can bake a whole pumpkin instead of using canned) and kale chips!

Urban Agriculture

We received a truckload of mulch from Mack Tree Company, and Urban Ag students have been busy mulching the upper garden and planting the winter crops. The class also planted fava beans and learned about their role in nitrogen fixing.

mulch wheelbarrow urban ag

Volunteer Needs

We could use some help distributing mulch to the gardens. We would like to get another load for the lower garden, but we need volunteers to spread it. We could also use more volunteers to plant the next season’s seeds for WCCUSD schools; email gardens@miravistaschool.com if you’re interested or leave a comment below.


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