May Garden News

Although students and staff are looking forward to the end of the school year, that doesn’t mean they have forgotten about Mira Vista’s Gardens.

Several classes headed out into the gardens on the hottest days of the school year and planted tomatoes, squash and other vegetables in their classroom beds.

On May 27, the Mira Vista Garden Girls hosted a Food Festival with the American Heart Association, where they taught other students how to make healthy salads from the garden. American Heart provided the food and recipes and purchased plants based on the recipes.  

On May 31, we held the first of two garden trainings where volunteers learned how to care for the garden over the summer and sampled peas and strawberries. If you missed that training, please join us at the next training on June 7. Meet at the Lower Garden at 10 a.m.

Special thanks to Hector Ruiz, who has been updating the irrigation system to make sure the plants and trees have enough water over the summer.

Please continue to visit our garden blog regularly. Activity will continue over the summer, and if you have time or resources to help with the gardens, check out the “Help Mira Vista’s Gardens Grow” tab at the top of this page where we’ll highlight some of the garden’s immediate needs.

Thanks for everyone’s hard work and support of the Mira Vista gardens!


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