September Garden Report


gardenreportsquashThe garden is a delight, filled with many autumn gifts. Students have been harvesting gigantic squash, tomatoes, corn, apples, strawberries, parsley, basil, and cucumbers.
Several classrooms have made salad, vegetable stir fry, and lavosh with cream cheese and vegetables. We have definitely been getting our vitamin C with the incredible feasting on tomatoes and vitamin A from our huge carrot crop. Many thanks to parent Barb Cavoto for her dedication to the garden and preparing delicious vegetable treats in the fourth-grade classrooms.

The planter boxes are being prepared for winter crops. Mrs. Bauer’s class planted pea starts and worked on many garden projects.

gardenreport2Fall is an excellent time for learning in the gardens. We collect and study seeds and talk about the different ways they travel. Insects abound, and a special visitor—the orb spider—provides many teachable moments. Caterpillars can be found on the milkweed bushes, promising the birth of monarch and tiger swallowtail butterflies.

Learning Center students harvested castings from our worm bins to provide rich compost for our planter boxes.

928mulchSpecial thanks to the parents, teachers, and volunteers from Wells Fargo for all their effort on the work day on September 29. Both gardens got a great makeover. Fifth-graders and a few other students came out and helped spread mulch and build shelves for the upper garden shed. We filled an entire trailer with weeds and compost!

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