What’s been going on in our gardens?

Can you believe your children have been attending school for more than a month? While that seems difficult to believe, what’s even more amazing is the amount of activity that’s been going on in Mira Vista’s School Gardens. I’ll do my best to recap everything that’s been happening …

Summer Helpers and the Perfect Path

Our first thank you goes to ALL of our amazing summer volunteers who gave up your precious time to tend the gardens, making sure things were watered and cared for when school wasn’t in session.septgardensseptgardenspath

If you haven’t made it to the gardens yet this year, then head over to the lower garden and check out the new path. A HUGE thank you to Ms. Barb and her family for her efforts in creating a welcoming walkway and tending to our gardens. If you didn’t already know, Ms. Barb  (and her yummy kale chips) are well-loved by students. We can’t say enough about her volunteer efforts. We are eternally grateful!




Getting Ready for Back to School

The day before school started, on August 21, many people in our community not only helped weed and pickup litter from all over campus, but they also saved our kids’ soles by sweeping up broken glass that vandals had left on the playground over the summer. Again, thanks to everyone who helped with the campus cleanup. I for one was happy that I didn’t need to worry about my child getting cut.



Boyscouts Build Boxes

On September 10, the El Cerrito Boy Scouts helped to build and repair garden boxes. Many of you came out to help, and it was a fun and productive day, The elementary school teachers are particularly excited to have plants growing right outside their classroom windows.

Funding for Our Outdoor Classroom

Also in September, we were notified that we received a $10,000 grant from the city of Richmond to support our gardens. A big chunk of the money, which will be awarded later this school year, will be used for much-needed equipment and facility repairs, but it also will go toward teaching – to help your student learn about  while spending time in the outdoors.

What’s So Special About Our Gardens?image7


Our garden educator Graciella Rossi has no doubt had a busy and bountiful start to the school year, as she’s helped teachers with common core lessons on tomatoes, baking zucchini bread, Johnny Appleseed, solar oven cookies, and so much more. I hear our students have planted fresh crops of lettuce and broccoli. So if you want a taste of what goes on in our gardens, then I encourage you to work with your child’s classroom teacher and volunteer in our “outdoor classroom.”

Our gardens continue to grow into an amazing educational space for our students and are thriving thanks to so many of you. With the continued help from our community, I can’t wait to see what springs up next.

Stay tuned to this blog to find out.

Your Garden Committee 


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