Summer and Autumn Garden News

October, 2017

Welcome back to the Garden blog!! We had a hiatus over the summer and are ready to share news about recent and upcoming gardening activities at Mira Vista, and in the broader East Bay community.

News and recent activities

  • Over the summer Mira Vista families helped provide essential garden maintenance by watering, pulling weeds and harvesting numerous fruits, vegetables, and herbs!

  • October 3rd – Free garden advice Common Vision came to MV to take care of our fruit trees and educate parents can about how to prune and fertilize trees.
  • Funding news: West County DIGS has received a grant from Kaiser Permanente to educate our students about healthy eating through garden activities. Ms. Rossi also submitted an application for a grant to support the development of physical structures in MV gardens.
  • All classrooms grades K – 6 have visited the gardens to experience the magic of our amazing harvest this year. Over 60 pumpkins, bushels of tomatoes, cucumbers, sunflowers, potatoes and peppers.  Students have made gallons of salsa, studied sunflowers, prepared and eaten pumpkin pancakes, apple zucchini pancakes, and are now enjoying apples from our orchards.

  • With help of master gardener Mr. Dennis, 5th graders have been learning about soil and have built a compost system.

Upcoming events

  • Teachers have signed up for garden visits on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons with Garden Educator, Sarita Pockell.  She will be taking out full classes of students and could use help. Parents are needed to volunteer to help on garden days with your child’s class. Sign up here.
  • October 10, 4-6pm – Whole Kids Foundation Workshop for Teachers and Parents for teachers and parents sponsored by Whole Foods in “Healthy Eating”, a 2-hour nutrition and cooking class.
  • October 12, 6:30pm – Teacher-led STEAM (Science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) activity – there will be apple tasting, math lesson and art.
  • October 16-17 – Free garden training Melanie Pepper is an experienced garden educator who will be working in the gardens these days with students and parents. This is a great opportunity to learn some garden skills and help prepare our gardens for winter crops. RSVP to Ms. Rossi if you plan to attend
  • October 21 – Fall Festival – Leaf rubbing art table. Volunteers needed! RSVP to Toni if interested in helping out.
  • October 25, 7pm – Come to the next garden committee meeting if you’re interested in being part of the leadership for the garden programs. RSVP to Tina
  • November 4thGarden maintenance party at school. Mr. Lackey will be leading the effort to build a Greenhouse in the upper garden.  Volunteers needed to assemble greenhouse and prepare the gardens for winter crops. More information is forthcoming on how to join this effort.

Stay tuned in the next post for autumn and winter garden activities, and gardening resources in the community!



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