Container Gardening

If you’re new to gardening, choosing plants for a project can be daunting. There are a few different ways to find inspiration, like a quick search on Pinterest, and there are lot of articles out there on DIY blogs and how-to sites.

For container gardening, the main thing to remember is to choose plants that follow the thriller-filler-spiller profile. That is, choose a plant that is a “thriller” — a dramatic, tall plant. Then, choose a plant that acts as a “filler” — maybe a leafy, blowsy type of flower. Finally, a “spiller” plant that, obviously, spills over the pot.

Some ideas for plants:

Thriller: confirs, salvia

Filler: lobelia, petunias, impatiens

Spiller: sweet potato vines, trailing alyssum

Take a look around the web to get a feel for what types of plants you like best. Check the links below for more ideas.




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