History and Vision


Mira Vista’s Gardens, a project of the Mira Vista PTA, have been onsite since 2001, when the Lower Garden was created. It is located next to the Multipurpose Room and outside the lower-grade classrooms. The Lower Garden is the most visible of the two gardens on campus and houses approximately 400 square feet of space. It contains 8 planting boxes and 14 fruit trees, including apple and cherry.

The Upper Garden, located on the north side of the campus, was created in 2011 by students, teachers and parents with a grant from the American Heart Association, under the direction of the teacher who led the garden elective. In 2013, Lowes provided a grant that expanded and renews the Upper Garden’s physical scope by adding beds and assisting in developing an enhanced curriculum that exposes students to the multidisciplinary aspects of garden. Today, the Upper Garden measures approximately 800 square feet and has 13 planter boxes and 25 fruit trees, including lemon, apple and cherry.


Mira Vista’s Gardens, with the help of parent, community and staff support, will enable students to gain knowledge and practical skills about nutrition and personal well-being, sustainable development, and community involvement. The gardens will connect students to the cycle of nature, promote healthy life choices, and build ecological stewardship.

Garden Objectives

  • Support the academic development of students through cross-curricular, hands-on learning activities built on critical thinking.
  • Improve the nutritional health of students, staff and families by demonstrating how to grow and prepare tasty, nutritious food.
  • Educate students on the history of their community and benefits of ecology, habitat restoration and preservation.
  • Build a sense of environmental self-efficacy in the student community, and a desire to take care of the earth.
  • Grow the emotional health and strength of the school community through lunchtime and after school activities that exercise students’ imagination and body. Students learn to solve relevant, meaningful problems through in-class lessons and volunteer activities that guide students on group discussions, partner talk, small group work and individual reflections.
  • Serve as a peaceful oasis and campus focal point where school gatherings can be held to grow the Mira Vista community.